5 Things I Have Learned In 3 Months

These past couple of months I have been transitioning from a working wife to a stay at home mom and this has given me time to look at my life and really open my eyes to a few things.

1. Pregnancy is HARD. I never could have imagined how hard pregnancy can be. I told myself when my husband, we can just call him Cupcake, and I started trying to conceive that I would work out everyday and only eat fresh food. That went down the drain verrrrry quickly. I spent the whole first trimester hugging the toilet and the only thing I could keep down for a month was oatmeal. The second trimester went easier although I spent a lot of time crying over videos of dogs sticking their tongues out on Facebook. Now I am in the third trimester and my bladder is totally wrecked and sleep is harder to obtain than you’d think. I now need leverage to sit up and get out of bed. Bathroom trips in the middle of the night are easier now that I have become a zombie and memorized where to step without opening my eyes. I have been told that this habit doesn’t go away after the child is here.

2. Being married isn’t always a walk in the park. I will say though, I have not been married long. My high school sweetheart proposed to me last summer and then we decided to have a baby as well. We didn’t get married until December 10th, 2016 due to family drama. We lived together prior to the engagement and baby conceiving although it is different when you’re legally bound to one another. Even after only being married for 3 months I have found that sometimes it is exhausting to put up with the same habits every day when you fall into the comfortable bliss that is marriage. Occasionally we will get into arguments over silly things and I will just sit at the kitchen table and cry for a minute thinking “Wow…. this is freaking hard.” No one tells you about the rough parts of marriage. All you hear about is how it’s like a sleepover with your best friend every day. Don’t get me wrong, it is totally like that. But there are also times you will want to rip your hair out. One of these times for me is when my husband gets home from work and strips his clothes as he walks to the back of the house, in  turn leaving a trail of clothing for me to pick up. I will say that if that is the worst thing he does in our marriage I will forever be happy but that doesn’t mean I won’t nag him because that’s what wives are for, right?

3. Relationships with the in-laws do NOT always get better with time, or at least in my case they don’t. Is any elaboration even needed? I do not have a mother in law because she passed away a few years ago but if she was still here I have come to think that she is the only one of my in-laws I would be able to get along with. In my case, it has all gone downhill from the get go. I’m not one to air out dirty laundry to anyone but Cupcake so I will leave this point at this… it might get better with time, but no guarantees.

4. My cat gets jealous easy. Cupcake rescued a poly dactyl, part bobcat (longer back legs and no tail whatsoever) kitten when he was younger and it is our house cat. He is black and white and his name is Yeti. He is the most spoiled rotten animal I have ever met. If he wants to be petted he will come up to you and just flop on the ground and expect you to come to him. I can’t sit down on the toilet for more than three seconds without him thinking that means he needs to come jump in my lap and headbutt me for affection. I swear he has a sensor that lets him know it’s three in the morning to do that same exact thing. Me being the cat lover that I am, I always force myself to stay awake a few minutes to pet him. He also likes his treats twice a day and will meow your face off if you don’t give them to him immediately in the morning and then again before bed. I have noticed that since getting pregnant he gets jealous very easily. If I try to cuddle with my husband and watch tv, Yeti will make it a personal mission to get in between us and meow and headbutt my hands until I am using both hands to pet him. It is the darndest thing. Before the baby became a kick boxer and my belly wasn’t so round he would only lay down for the night if he got to spend some time laying on my belly and getting head scratches. Now he isn’t even fond of laying up against my side because the baby likes to kick him. His new hobby is batting at my stomach and kneading it at night. (He is de-clawed and strictly an indoor cat.)

5. The Trolls movie CAN be watched too many times in one week. My cupcake has a three-year old daughter named Brilynn with whom we have joint custody so we get her every other week. The past couple of weeks that we have had her she has been all about the movie Trolls. The first time we saw it we bought it on VUDU and watched it twice in a row with her. Then once we had dropped her off at her mom’s and returned home my husband wanted to watch it again. He proceeded to want to watch it once or twice every day for the following week. It was a good movie, I will give it that, but it wasn’t 10 times in a week good. Still better than Frozen though!


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