What To Do With Your Child’s Old Clothes

If your house is anything like mine then you probably have a closet with boxes full of your kid’s old clothes, accessories, and even toys.Children outgrow clothing so fast, especially when they are babies. It can be a little overwhelming trying to sort through everything and figure out what to do with it. These are a few places that I have personally found to be good for cleaning out your kid clothing stash.


Oftentimes you can just bag everything you want to get rid of and then take it to Goodwill and an employee will do everything for you. You just park close by, run inside and tell them you have some things to drop off and they have someone get it all from you. The best thing about Goodwill is that you don’t have to make much effort. You don’t really have to sort much and anything they don’t think is good enough to put on their shelves they get rid of for you. It’s a really cut and dry method and it doesn’t matter how old the style is or what brands you have, they take basically anything.


While donating basics such as jeans and winter jackets to Goodwill is a good idea, there are ways to get a portion of your money back from home by selling those expensive non essentials. It is way too easy to drop a couple hundred dollars on a kid for clothes, trust me, I know. When you have a little girl there are just too many tempting frilly dresses and tutus that you feel like your baby girl can’t live without the more you think about them.

Personally, Kidizen is my favorite platform for finding and selling things related to parenting. It is a marketplace for all things parenting such as clothing, maternity, nursery and decor, and more. I have been using it for just a couple of months and love it! They have an IOS and Android app. You can take pictures of the items you are wanting to list and upload them and their description, pricing, and brand directly from your phone! You can message other members before making a purchase or even just to say hello. Everyone I have done business with has been incredibly kind and I have been more than satisfied with each product I have bought off the app. Once you make a sale you can either go to a shipping facility to send your item or include shipping in the listing price and purchase a USPS I hands down recommend it to all parents. You can look at their website here: http://kidizen.com/


Another phone application I have been trying to make use of is Mercari. Now this app is for buying and selling almost anything. Personally I have made a few sales, they were kid toys, but nothing too glamorous. If you aren’t worried about selling quick then this app is good for cross posting or just leisure listing.

Social Media

If you have Facebook then one good way to get rid of things like kid clothing and gear is through the Facebook marketplaces. Most areas have a “yard sale” group page that you can join where people post things for sale. This is more a pick up or meet kind of thing though, I haven’t seen anyone ship anything with this platform. It is a good way to see what your community has to offer as well as give to the community and again, you can post more than just kid and parenting items.


If you have an older child/young adult you can also look up if there is a Plato’s Closet near you however they don’t pay much and they sort through to see if you have season specific items and items that are name brand. You can find some decent deals on nice clothing and accessories from my experience but I don’t recommend going through the effort to try to have them buy your things. Your town may also have some other sort of consignment shop that will buy your items or sell them for you such as Once Upon A Child or Jeans Good As New. The best way to find out is to just google consignment shops in your area.

I have tried all of these methods myself and like I stated above, Kidizen is my go-to for selling the more high dollar items that I have bought such as maternity clothes and fancy kid clothing but when it comes down to it I also like to donate to Goodwill and the Salvation Army.




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